Michael Draw

Vocals, lyrics, show

Michael was born at 7 Feb. 1981 in Khabarosvsk (Far East of Russia).
The vocal of Michael is very rare male contra-tenor.
Firstly he was studied in the vocal school but didnt finish it and sang in another band with live sound.
Michael never studied professional dances apart a few lessons in the childhood and in the youth.
Hobby of Michael also was the computer graphics. Michael writes the romans and novellas of the post-apocalyptic genre. Also he is the main editor of the literature almanah City.


The fuel. 2007
The programs error. 2008
The flesh and steel 2009
Point of return 2010
Personal project: almanah City.


Marie Slip

Producer, composer.

Marie Slip was born at 26 Dec. 1980 in Khabarovsks Area (Ulchsks region), Bogorodskoe.
His hobbies are music and programming. Before the band he programmed PC games under the mark Action and wrote a lot of 8-bit music.
Starting 2004 became a member of the band. Marie is also the painter, and programmer of the games for IBM PC.
Draws a picture.
Author creates a game.


I machine 2007
The Man Infu 2009
Near the Ghetto 2011


Peter Voronov

Violinist, composer, arranger, photographer, designer.

Petr Voronov was born at 17 Jun. 1979.
He studied in the Petersburgs Conservatory and worked in different symphonic orchestras of the academic genre, was a singer and took a part in different rock and jazz projects.
In 1994 he became interested into the electronic music. IN 2007 Petr entered Otto Dix.
IN the music of the band violin of Petr sounds very close to electronic guitar what creates unusual and unique musical atmosphere.

Personal site of Peter Voronov:


Paul Kristofferson


Paul Kristofferson was born at 17 sen. 1983.

The history of the group.

Otto Dix is a Russian Dark Wave trio. After first steps in the homecity Khabarovsk in 2005 the band moved to Saint Petersburg. During six years Otto Dix reached to the highest top of the post-USSR gothic scene. Otto Dix members are Michael Draw (singer, lyrics), Marie Slip (music, arrangement) and Petr Voronov (violin). The European album "Starost" were released by German independent label Danse Macabre in 2008. Since 2005 the band played over 300 shows over CIS along with their concert agency SYN Promotion, opening for the gothic music such areas like Belorus, Moldova, Ukraine, Kasachstan, Uzbekistan.



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