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05. Европейский журнал Zillo

Zillo Interview


1.) Please tell us a little about your origins. Where are you from? How has this place influenced you? Where are you living now?

We were born in the Far East of Russia. Slip comes from a very-very small village, it is even hardly can be found on maps, but when he was six years old, his family moved to Khabarovsk – the “capital” of Russian Far East. As for me, I was born inKhabarovskand I had been living there for 25 years. But in 2006 we together moved toSt. Petersburgto work, live and develope our group. Now we live in the “nothern capital ofRussia” (too much capitals...) Our background still influensed us, I think. We’re too Russian and even a bit oriental.


2.) How/when/where did you start with "Otto Dix"? Which musical background have you got? Who is involved in Otto Dix?

The group appeared in summer of 2004 inKhabarovsk, it consists now of three people – Slip (keyboards and composing), Draw (vocals, lirics, show) and Peter Voronov – our violine player.


3.) You are very successful in Russia. What would you consider as your strength, which appeals to the people so they like you?

I think, it is a destiny :-) Lots of groups try to do almost the same, but they don’t have such success. May be, this is all because of our music, vocals and show? Me personally haven’t seen anything like us inRussia.


4.) What do you expect from a release in Germany?

It is very hard to say. I hope, that people will love us, no mater what language we sing. Everything what can’t be understood in texts, I’ll tell with my hands, eyes and dance. But still, Russians and Germans are so different, I always have to hold my fingers crossed :-)


5.) What would you consider most typical for the Gothic Scene in Russia?

Really – coping of Gothic Scene of Europe. It is very sad... And may be the secret of our success is, that we never were a copy of any European group.


6.) What would you guess, how many Goths are living in Russia?

Too many, I think.Russiais a huge country, and Gothic is now rather popular. Not so popular, as Emo, for example, but still...


7.) Unfortunately I don't speak Russian, so what are your songs about?

Usually they are about people’s fears and pains – getting old and lonely; love, which never will be mutual; technogene catastrophe. Or about attitute to religion. Or about my personal loves, fears and pains.


8.) How much of your songs is personal, how much is abstrakt or observations of other people?

All of them are personal, even “Nuclear Winter”, it is rather methaphorical. It is not only about the nuclear apocalypse, but is also about Nuclear Winter in my own soul.


9.) As far as I know "Starost" is a compilation of your previous Russian releases. How different are they originally? What has changed soundwise through the years?

For the now we have three albums: “Ego” (was released in 2005, but re-released in a bit different way in 2007), “City” (2006) and “Nuclear winter” (2007). All albums differ from each other in sound and atmosphere. The most “gothic” is “City”, “Nuclear Winter” has taken much from EBM and Industrial, it is the coldest album. And “Ego” is rather agressive but also is the most romantic.


10.) Please describe your live perfomances.

I think, it is better to see :-) But in a couple of words I can say, that usually people get shocked. Some of them ask – “Is THIS alive?” or “From what planet is THIS?” My show is a small theatre of my personal small apocalypse.


11.) How would you imagine your future in music business to be like?

I hope, we will not loose our success and working capacity and will release lots of albums :-) I’d like “Otto Dix” to be remembered in the time of our grandchildren.


12.) What are your plans for the near future?

To visitGermany, to conquerGermany, then – to have tour through Europe, to conquer Europe, then – to visitUSA, have tour there and conquer it. :-)

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